Motor Truck Cargo
              Legal liability

​​This legal liability exposure can be difficult to sort  through and is made even more difficult by the  myriad of complex rules, limitations, types and  sizes of trucking operations.  Freight forwarders  and intermodal transit arrangements can further  complicate the claim process which is already  made difficulty by language barriers and cultural  differences presented by many foreign operators. 

Tug & barge operations

This is a special catagory of vessels and their operation which requires experience from several different aspects in order to adequately understand the damages and the issues of the incident in the case.   My experience with high value oil field vessel operations and Builder's Risk claims enables me to relate to these hull and other special operational damages.



As the Risk Manager of one of the largest shipyards in the world, my risk planning included hundreds of buildings, dry docks, and several billions in value and income for this large industrial complex.   I have also placed the insurance for the risks of Oil & Gas exploration, drilling rigs, as well as industry service vessels & the contractors servicing this industry.

  Artisan Contractors

Many disputes often exist in this domain due to long term animosity between owners and their neighbors and the contractor often simply gets drug into the fight and blamed for things unrelated to the work which they actually performed.   When the contractor is pulled into the litigation, it becomes crucial to build solid credibility into your case so that it can be easier for the jury to believe in you.

​​   HULL  and  P&I

My prior vessel experience and cargo handling operations, plus experience in helping both small business and large companies improve business insurance programs and handling complex claim senarios worth many millions, will empower and will lend practical credibility to your case.

Marina Operations

From very large dry rack storage or immense dock systems of both fixed pilings or anchored floating types, vessel winterization and repair services, fueling dock exposures, including land based retail store operations, hotels or condo units and immense mooring facilities,       I've dealt with a lot of exposures.

​​​​James D. Jones


Maritime related experience:  51 years


Recently retired so I am available as an Expert Witness or also to serve as a Mediator or Arbitrator.My breadth of experiences and varied perspectives may provide a great benefit to the presentation and credibility of the unique aspects of your case. Therefore, EMPOWERING your case for a successful negotiation, binding Arbitration or the ultimate trial.

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   Heavy equipment

Many things can go wrong and cause damage to heavy equipment, especially when its afloat on barges. As a claims examiner, I have handled many such claims for artisan contractors engaged in dredging, seawall construction, heavy lift capacity cranes, or complex manufacturing plant equipment, and extensive logging and kiln operations. 


Cat Management

Large storms bring large coverage and damage assessment issues.  When it comes to picking up the pieces and trying to resolve hotly disputed multi-million damage cases, you need someone in your corner who has the scars from dealing with damages magnitude associated with a hurricane or other natural Catastrophe .

arbitration of case, or Litigation & Trials

When disputes arise, whether it is over some contractual rights or unfortunate injury or damage, and can't be resolved between parties and therefore heads into litigation, it will become crucial to build solid credibility into your case. What will the judge or jury believe?

Alternative Dispute              Resolution

Your last chance to control your own destiny and craft a resolution becomes a crucial step in managing your case. While it can't guarantee a settlement, mediation will benefit from a neutral advocate who has broad perspectives and is a strong negotiator.  Arbitrationprovides a final binding resolution.

International Cargo

​When trouble hits and huge dollars are at stake over the damage to cargo it will be important to carefully understand the differnt cargoes involved, the handling and preservation of the cargo, the ship and weather characteristics.  Crucial coverage elements of the policy covering the transit of goods can prove difficult to negotiate, and complicated by strikes or costly delays.


Insurance Coverage

From syndicate or standard industry forms, to complex multi-part policy structures, I have assisted in the drafting, revision and interpretation of most every type of manuscript policy forms, service contracts, and settlement agreements.  Coverage disputes worth millions have honed my negotiating skills for defense cases as well as the plaintiff or reinsurance perspective.