“I don’t hesitate to recommend Jim.  He’s a total professional with the ability to analyze and solve problems at every level. And he does it quickly, efficiently and cheerfully. A pleasure to work with.”


Michael L. McAlpine

McAlpine & Cozad - New Orleans, LA

"Due to Jim's  personal and work-life history, he has developed exceptionally strong problem-solving skills as well as the perfect combination of practical and legal maritime experience to qualify him as an expert witness and/or as a great dispute-resolution master.  Jim has a really genuine blend of practical but unique maritime experiences combined with a mix good of complex claims handling skills."


Galloway Johnson Tompkins Burr & Smith - Houston, TX

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“Jim approaches the issues and any situation with a unique blend of technical expertise, massive experience, pragmatism and empathy – plus the personality and people skills to get the job accomplished, but most importantly to do it right.”

​​W. L. Rivers Black

Nicoll Black & Feig - Seattle, WA

“Simply put, no one has a broader depth of experience with maritime/marine claims handling than Jim Jones.  His deep subject matter expertise and problem solving skills are a great asset to the defense of any marine case.”


Wilson Elser - Los Angeles, CA

"When it comes to insurance, Jim Jones is perhaps the most knowledgeable person I know.  I have worked with Jim on several cases over the years, and he is always insightful, pragmatic, and realistic.  This combination can bring significant empowerment to resolve or aid the ultimate litigation of any case, but especially those of a Maritime flavor!”  Jim raises the bar for all of us."


TONKIN & MONDL - St. Louis, MO

“Not only is Jim Jones a Unites States Merchant Marine Academy graduate, but he sailed as an officer aboard ship and has worked for decades in the marine industry, particularly marine insurance and handling marine claims and complex litigations.  As a result, Jim has the knowledge, wisdom, demeanor and most importantly, the respect from others in order to be a fearless advocate, or a highly effective arbitrator and mediator!”

​​James E. mercante

Rubin Fiorella & Friedman - New York, NY

"I have worked with Jim throughout my career and he is, by far, one of the best complex maritime claims experts in the country.  His depth and expertise in the industry is simply unmatched."

​​Jerry D. Hamilton

Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel - Miami, FL

James D. Jones

​​“I have worked closely with Jim Jones on a number of challenging and complex maritime legal matters over many years.  As a result of that experience, I can say without reservation that Jim is the consummate industry professional determined to do the right thing the right way, informed by his extensive practical career experience as a seagoing mariner and marine insurance claims manager.  Jim is, quite simply, a genuine pro working at the top of his game.”


Willcox & Savage - Norfolk, VA