Assisting Lawyers as Maritime & General Expert Witness

Also available for Mediation & Arbitration of your case

Insurance and Claims Advisor & Consultant

​​​​​​​James D. Jones

Insurance & Maritime Expert Witness Services

Empowering Attorneys for winning your case       (804-929-2224)

​Let me bring to your case an ability to voice my experience on your behalf with a clear and convincing demeanor!

The experiences of this seasoned maritime professional are available to your case. It has been my privilege to give presentations at over fifteen professional conferences and have created or have taught numerous courses and programs. I have not published any articles, but I do have extensive and varied practical experience which may equal or exceed the value of numerous scholarly credentials and publications.

            My varied experience includes:

  •     Maritime and related business perspective from sea to shore

  •     Experience with a wide variety of ships and cargoes

  •     Navigation responsibility internationally

  •     Cargo handling of many varieties of cargoes

  •     Underwriting of widely diverse classes of property and risks

  •     Enterprise or corporate risk management 

  •     Brokerage account sales and client service 

  •     Claim file investigation and successful claims adjusting 

  •     Case negotiation and successful resolution

  •     Experience from numerous mediations and trials


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